How to inbound marketing for accountants?

Inbound marketing for accountants: how to put it into practice?

Have you heard about Inbound Marketing and how important it is for accountants? Understand the concept better in this post and the first steps to start applying this strategy.

For many years, companies marketed their products or services based on interruptions. However, this strategy did not always generate the expected return for the company or satisfy the clientele.

Then came the digital transformation and brought about radical changes in consumer behavior and the way companies promote their products and services. Faced with this new scenario, Inbound Marketing emerged — a marketing strategy that attracts and retains customers.

Bearing in mind the importance of this strategy for the growth of your business, we prepared this article to better explain how Inbound Marketing works  for accountants.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that makes use of sharing relevant and useful content to the public, with the aim of attracting their attention — therefore, it is also known as Attraction Marketing. Through this contact, the company has the chance to establish a relationship that can be very long-lasting.

This is because, unlike Interruption-based Marketing  — which literally disrupts the consumer experience, as in the cases of TV advertising and YouTube ads, which try to push your product or service to the public — Inbound Marketing acts in a less invasive way. .

That is, it creates useful and relevant content through blogs and ebooks, for example, and makes it available to the right audience. In that case, expect them to be attracted after understanding the message conveyed. Therefore, when the consumer contacts you, it is a sign that there is an interest in knowing more about your services. Soon, it’s easier to turn him into a customer and even a brand promoter.

What are the advantages of Inbound Marketing for accountants?

Inbound Marketing can be used by companies from all segments. For this reason, the strategies can be easily used by  accounting offices . Therefore, adopting attraction strategies undoubtedly provides several benefits for your business.

Some examples of advantages are:

  • reaches the right audience — by adopting Inbound Marketing strategies, your customers will come to you;
  • brings the customer closer — the contact generated through the attraction makes the potential customer willing to learn more about your services;
  • provides greater power of persuasion — the arguments used to convince the customer are based on real and accurate information;
  • shorter sales cycle — the customer journey becomes shorter. Therefore, the costs applied to this journey as well;
  • best cost-benefit — the investment applied in the strategies generates positive returns.

How to put Accounting Inbound Marketing into practice?

Now that you know how Inbound Marketing works, you certainly want to know how to apply it in practice. Although the steps to build the strategies are simple, it takes a lot of attention and dedication to each part of the process to achieve the expected results.

Therefore, for your Inbound Marketing strategies to be efficient, you need to pay greater attention to the following points:

  1. study the persona — in this case, you need to know what your customers’ expectations and needs are;
  2. choose the best keywords , as it is through them that your potential customers will find your brand;
  3. define your goals — to get somewhere, you need to know where you want to go. So, know what your goals are.

So, is it clear to you how Inbound Marketing works for accountants? Considering the advantages that this strategy provides, it is worth implementing it now in your company.

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