Accounting Management

Differences between bank reconciliation and cash flow?

Differences between bank reconciliation and cash flow? Bank reconciliation and cash flow are two financial terms that are often confused and raise questions, especially for entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses now. Some people tend to think that both terms mean the same thing, or can be replaced, one by the other, as if they […]
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How to inbound marketing for accountants?

Inbound marketing for accountants: how to put it into practice? Have you heard about Inbound Marketing and how important it is for accountants? Understand the concept better in this post and the first steps to start applying this strategy. For many years, companies marketed their products or services based on interruptions. However, this strategy did not always […]
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Accounting in new business must be made

New business in accounting: sacrifices that must be made Have you ever wondered if it’s worth setting up a new accounting business? Or rather, if undertaking will bring several challenges in your day to day? This very direct and brief post is to reflect a little on that. You completed college or want to change professions, now […]
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What advantages of accounting outsourcing?

What is the advantages of accounting outsourcing? Surely you have already heard about the advantages of accounting outsourcing, but you were a little lost because you don’t quite understand how it works. In this post I will talk about this type of service and the main benefits for your accounting office. Companies are always looking for […]
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