Accounting in new business must be made

New business in accounting: sacrifices that must be made

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth setting up a new accounting business? Or rather, if undertaking will bring several challenges in your day to day? This very direct and brief post is to reflect a little on that.

You completed college or want to change professions, now what? Many doubts arise in our heads when we look for a path. Professionals in accounting and other fields are faced with many options. Starting a new career and seeking professional advancement, when the “top” you want to reach seems so far away.

Starting a new business can be the most valid way to stand out. However, is it easy? Will you always make money right from the start? In this post, we will present some experiences that entrepreneurs go through to maintain and progress in business.

Is it worth a new business in accounting?

Accounting is full of opportunities for new businesses, especially after the arrival of the digital age. What used to be just accounting offices, today there are several types of services to be offered.

The accountant can explore services such as advisory, consulting, BPOs and infoproducts. The question in itself is not a chance of space in the market, but if you are prepared to undertake and overcome some challenges.

Setting up an office or a resume

You just graduated and want to gain experience in the accounting area, what to do? Many physical and reputable offices hire new accountants. Competition is high and professionals often have friendly relations with contractors. When getting the vacancy, you must still show value to the company, in order to be able to continue in your career.

The advantage of being employed is not having to do everything. Generally, large companies have several departments ,  each with their own functions. Entrepreneurship will guarantee more freedom and you will define how and in what way you will fulfill your obligations. Keep in mind that you must do everything and you must meet deadlines.

Setting up an office can bring several benefits to new accounting professionals. When you can manage your obligations, your personal and professional life, you will demonstrate to your clients that you are someone they can trust. With the Internet and digital platforms , you can manage your office as efficiently as a multi-person department.

Sacrifices for a new business

Starting with the most common sacrifice, which is salary. While the employee’s remuneration is guaranteed by law,  that of the entrepreneur will only come if there are sales and after expenses are settled. The amount an entrepreneur earns does not always relate to the many hours  worked. Get ready to fight a lot and receive little at first. Everything to make your business grow.

In addition to investing your savings for working capital, you will invest a lot of time and energy. You will be less dedicated to family and friendships in the initial phase and people will feel your absence. In addition to less hours of sleep and a certain carelessness with health. But calm down, most great entrepreneurs started that way. One of the greatest examples is called Silvio Santos,  have you heard of it?

One caveat here is about what I mentioned about health carelessness. This usually happens with new entrepreneurs who do everything to do their best, but it is important that even in the face of a demanding routine, you do not leave your health behind. Because it is possible to succeed and still take care of the body and mind, just organization and time management.

Decision for entrepreneurship

With all the sacrifices and uncertainties, what drives someone to start  a new business? Sure, there are a lot of hurdles, but there are also a lot of rewards. When success finally arrives, you realize that everything you went through was worth it. This feeling of victory was earned by your own effort and dedication.

There are many reasons why someone starts a new business. It is difficult to speak in a single text about all of them. However, one thing is for sure, it’s worth it, because the experience gained and the people you’ll meet will be worth more than any profit.

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