LGPD training for employees: how to do it!

LGPD training for employees: how to do it!

Data protection is a serious matter, even more so when we live in the digital and information age. Companies increasingly have access to important customer data, and leaking this information can pose risks to both the individual and the business. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in LGPD training for your team, in addition to having the support of reliable solutions .

In addition to understanding the importance of taking care of this type of asset, the training also qualifies professionals to deal with specific situations that may pose risks to the company’s database. Want to know more about it? So, read on and keep an eye out!

What is LGPD?

The General Data Protection Law ( LGPD ) was created in 2020 and came into effect on September 18 of the same year. Its main objective is to ensure that there are clear and objective guidelines on the collection, processing and storage of any user’s personal data.

His main inspiration came from Europe. The law used the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to define key aspects of the new legislation. This all has a significant impact on how businesses and consumers collect and provide their data.

What is your function?

The general function of the LGPD is to guarantee the security and protection of the data of a person who needs to provide it, for whatever reason, to a company. This is accomplished through measures such as:

  • ensure that each user’s personal data has the right to privacy protection;
  • establish rules that make it clear what you can and what you cannot in the processing of personal data;
  • strengthen the security of legal relationships and the holder of data processing;
  • enable economic activity and competition even with data portability.

What is the importance of training on LGPD?

Given the relevance that the LGPD has in the routine of any company, the best way to prepare the team to properly deal with it is through training. This will prevent misuse and other security incidents that may occur due to ignorance.

In order for every employee to know how to respect the right to the protection of users’ data, he needs to know these rights. And it is the training that will provide this awareness and avoid simple mistakes in daily processes.

This is essential to avoid various administrative sanctions that may occur in case of non-compliance with the law. From warnings to daily fines, the consequences can be disastrous for the company. In specific cases, there may be a total or partial prohibition of the company’s data processing activities.

What are your benefits?

On the other hand, following the LGPD as it should be done provides benefits for the business, as well as investing in training that qualifies its teams to include good practices in this regard. Part of it are:

  • the improvement of the relationship with the client;
  • gaining trust between the public and the company;
  • increased legal certainty;
  • protecting the brand’s reputation;
  • the guarantee of professional ethics;
  • the creation of a real competitive differential.

Liked? So let’s better understand how you can take this into practice.

How to do this training with employees?

First, there is no formula for making training efficient. In fact, each person learns in a different way, and therefore it is important to adhere to different content formats, such as:

  • speeches;
  • videos;
  • podcasts;
  • newsletters via email;
  • social media posts;
  • e-books and the like.

A dynamic and efficient way to put this into practice, for example, is through gamification. Thus, in addition to theoretical knowledge, employees practice what they have learned and accumulate points for it, advancing between phases.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that learning about the LGPD is basically based on the repetition method. You have to do the same thing over and over again until it becomes automatic for the team. Of course, this will depend on a series of initiatives that support these repetitions, such as:

  • an easy-to-understand teaching material, with simple terms and practical examples;
  • an interactive e-learning material, which allows interacting with the knowledge covered in person or at a distance;
  • the promotion of lectures that solve the main doubts of employees;
  • sharing tips, information and news regarding the LGPD;
  • the creation of a gamification project, with subjects addressed in the LGPD.

After incorporating these solutions, don’t forget to measure the results. This is what will allow you to understand whether the resources and efforts invested are being directed to the right area and what are the shortcomings that still need to be resolved.

To do this analysis, you can adopt learning tests and effectiveness evaluation , for example. In addition, it is quite interesting to apply a satisfaction survey in relation to training, allowing teams to highlight the strongest and weakest points of the program.

How to analyze the need for such training?

LGPD-related training is fundamental and indispensable for any business. So, if your company has never carried out any preparation in this regard, it’s time to start thinking about the first steps and planning this initiative.

Now, to identify the ideal time to offer this training, it may be interesting to use some specific tools, such as the Training Needs Survey (LNT). It will help to better understand what the team’s main shortcomings are and where its performance is lacking.

This way, you can prioritize those more urgent trainings and plan investments more intelligently. In other words, the LNT will point out the trainings with the highest return capacity and that will prepare the environment to receive the others.

The LGPD is a fundamental resource for every citizen to enjoy their right to maintain the privacy of personal data. Thus, it is crucial for the company to ensure that a user who has entrusted their data to it does not have this information exposed.

Information security is one of the main tools to help protect data, but it cannot achieve this goal alone. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out training on LGPD, reinforcing the importance of the correct treatment of personal data, avoiding financial damage or damage to the company’s image.

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