5 main corporate benefits and why adopt them

5 main corporate benefits and why adopt them

Companies that seek to attract and retain the best talent in the market are betting on corporate benefits, as they are capable of collaborating with the well-being of professionals and their families, providing the organization with important competitive advantages.

This happens because these incentives help work teams act more proactively and engaged, as people recognize that the company cares about them. Therefore, in addition to salary, these benefits are strong allies to achieving business objectives more strategically.

How important is it to have corporate benefits?

When the company offers a benefits package to its employees, it encourages people to stay longer in the company, which gives more authority to the work team, as they become specialists in their functions.

In addition, by contributing to the general well-being of its people, it is possible to observe a significant increase in employee satisfaction, as they become more loyal to the company, becoming true advocates of the brand.

What are the advantages of having corporate benefits?

Companies that invest in corporate benefits can count on a more loyal team to the brand, in addition to other advantages. Follow next!

Business strengthening

Companies are made by people, and when they are prepared and engaged with the mission, vision and values ​​of a company, they strengthen the  organizational culture , granting differentials to the business in the market.

Therefore, when the company offers corporate benefits, they awaken a sense of ownership in its professionals, which contributes to increased productivity, at the same time that deliveries are made with higher quality.

Employee engagement 

By offering the right corporate benefits, that is, those most in line with your employees’ needs, you can effectively motivate them. At the same time, they become more engaged with business objectives, providing organizations with effective results.

Attracting the best talent

By offering competitive benefits, such as scholarships, incentives for language courses and health plans, the company manages to attract the  best talent in the market . This is because the new generation of workers already chooses where they want to work and also takes into account factors other than salary, such as well-being and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

Cost reduction

By investing in corporate benefits, it is possible to save with the opening of new selection processes, since people tend to stay longer in the corporation, reducing turnover. In addition, as professionals have time to become more and more experts in the company’s affairs, they make fewer mistakes, saving the company from losses.

Strengthening the employer brand

The granting of corporate benefits also contributes to strengthening the company’s employer brand . This happens because people start to see the company as an organization that values ​​their talents. There are still many other important factors, such as  the job and salary plan , the organizational culture, and the work environment. However, it cannot be denied that corporate benefits help in the candidate’s decision to choose a company to work for.

What are the main corporate benefits?

Before choosing corporate benefits for your company, you need to make a careful study of the company’s internal public, taking into account their profiles (age, gender), shopping routines,  hobbies  and leisure time. It is still necessary to consider the professional profiles that the company wants to attract.

Thus, with this kind of internal “demographic census”, it is easier to choose a corporate benefits package to apply in the company. With that in mind, follow the benefits that cannot be missing in your company!

1. Health plan

The health plan is one of the corporate benefits most valued by companies. This is because it provides greater security for the employee when he needs medical assistance. As a result, it can be serviced more quickly.

Many companies extend this benefit to the employee’s close family members, which further enhances the feeling of gratitude and engagement with the hiring company.

However, it is the most expensive benefit for the corporation and, therefore, the values ​​must be well studied before closing the contract. However, given the various benefits it grants to the corporation, it is the first benefit to be considered.

2. Academic incentive

If your company wants to have well-qualified professionals, you should consider offering academic incentive benefits. These can be aimed at technical training, undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as languages. The benefit can be granted through partial and full scholarships, in addition to direct discounts with the organization.

3. Dental care

As it is not a service that is accessible to everyone, dental care is also among the corporate benefits most desired by institutions. In addition, it contributes to the integral health of employees, helping to maintain full health.

4. Home office

With the advent of  the covid-19 pandemic  , the trend of home office and  anywhere office work  was anticipated, being considered by many professionals as an essential benefit when choosing a company to work for.

And yet, the home office is very desired by professionals for several reasons:

  • less stress in traffic;
  • possibility of staying longer with family members;
  • cost reduction, both for the corporation — which spends less on infrastructure — and for employees.
  • more time for leisure and personal activities.

 5. Meal voucher and food voucher

Meal and food vouchers are also among the benefits most desired by workers. In the case of food vouchers, the benefit is extended to the employee’s family, providing better  quality of life  and well-being for the family nucleus, which now has important help to subsidize food costs.

The food voucher guarantees more practicality when the employee has his meals, in addition to granting him the possibility of being in a good mood for work activities.

It is worth remembering that, in order to manage corporate benefits well, it is necessary to analyze the moment of the company and also the profile of the professionals, their aspirations and needs. that way, you increase the chances of these benefits being differentials for attracting and retaining talent.

Have you seen how offering corporate benefits can make your company more competitive in the market? Following these tips, you increase the chance of success in the actions.

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